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Quantity, property of a phenomenon, body, or substance, where the property has a magnitude that can be expressed as a
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science of measurement and its application is called metrology (VIM 2.2). Metrology covers all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement
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calibration, metrology

Terminology in Analytical Measurement Introduction to VIM 3

Terminology in Analytical Measurement Introduction to VIM 3 In the world of metrology – the science of measurement and its
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calibration, metrology, quality insurance, quality system


Measurement data are used more often and in more ways than ever before. For instance, the decision to adjust a
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Validation of Measurement Software

current measuring instrument technologies use software applications in order to determine measured quantity values. The results provided by computer programs
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calibration, metrology

Long-term Analysis of Measurement Process Capability

The known procedures for capability analyses and the capability of measuring systems and measurement processes are conducted over a period
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measurement Errors

Measurement errors in a measurement process consist of known and unknown systematic errors from a number of different sources and
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Uncertainty ranges

Areas near the specification limits where conformance or non conformance cannot clearly be determined because of the measurement Uncertainty ranges
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