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 Who ought to be involved in the “needs” analysis? The flow chart and initial discussion will facilitate the identification of the key individuals.
 Why will measurement be taken and how will it be used? Will the data be used for control, sorting, qualification, etc? The way the measurement will be used can change the sensitivity level of the measurement system.
 What level of sensitivity will be required? What is the product specification? What is the expected process variability? How much of a difference between parts will the gage need to detect?
 What type of information will be provided with the gage (e.g.,manuals – operating, maintenance, etc.) and what basic operator skills are required? Who will do the training?
 How are measurements taken? Will it be done manually, on a moving conveyor, off-line, automatically, etc? Are the part location and fixturing possible sources of variation? Contact or non-contact?
 How will the measurement be calibrated and will it be compared with other measurement processes? Who will be responsible for the calibration masters?
 When and where will the measurement be taken? Will the part be clean, oily, hot, etc.?

Research Various Measurement Process Methods

Current measurement methods should be researched prior to investing in new equipment. Proven measurement methods may provide more reliable operation. Where possible, use measurement equipment that has a proven track record.

Develop and Design Concepts and Proposals

when developing and designing concepts and proposals. During and after the fabrication of the measurement equipment and development of the measurement process (methods, training, documentation, etc.), experimental studies and data collection activities will be performed. These studies and data will be used to understand this measurement process so that this process and future processes may be improved.

source : Analysis of measurement systems

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