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The gage or measurement system should be given a full dimensional layout and functional test, where applicable, at the measurement system supplier before shipment. Obviously, the chosen supplier must have qualified measurement equipment and personnel on site in order to accomplish this. If not, pre-arrangements should have been made to have this work done at an outside independent qualified laboratory. Results of such dimensional layout and/or testing should be done in accordance with customer design and build standards and be fully documented and available for customer review.
After successful dimensional layout, the supplier should perform a preliminary but formal measurement systems analysis. This again prerequires that the supplier have the personnel, knowledge and experience to accomplish the appropriate analysis. The customer should predetermine with the supplier (and perhaps the OEM) exactly what sort of analysis is required at this point and should be aware of any guidance the supplier might need. Some issues that may need discussion, negotiation or common agreement are:

Objective of the preliminary MSA study :
 Gage repeatability (GRP) versus gage repeatability and reproducibility (GRR)
 Assessment of bias and/or linearity
 Assessment of the customer purpose for measurement
 Quantity of pieces, trials and operators in study
 Acceptance criteria
 Use of supplier personnel vs. customer supplied personnel
 Necessary training for personnel
 Are they qualified?
 Do they understand intent?
 What software might be used?Whatever results are achieved at this point in time, it should be realized that these are merely preliminary and judgment may be needed as to the acceptability of the results..


 When should the equipment be shipped?
 How should it be shipped?
 Who removes equipment from the truck or rail car?
 Is insurance required?
 Should documentation be shipped with the hardware?
 Does the customer have the proper equipment to unload the hardware?
 Where will the system be stored until shipment?

 Where will the system be stored until implementation?
 Is the shipping documentation complete and easily
understandable for the loader, transporter, unloader and installation crew?

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