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 Support of Measurement System Implementation: Who will support the measurement process? Lab technicians, engineers, production, maintenance, outside contracted service?
 Training: What training will be needed for operators/inspectors/technicians/engineers to use and maintain this measurement process? Timing, resource and cost issues. Who will train? Where will training be held? Leadtime requirements Coordinated with actual use of measurement process.
 Data management: How will data output from this measurement process be managed? Manual, computerized, summary methods, summary frequency, review methods, review frequency, customer requirements, internal requirements. Availability, storage, retrieval, backup, security. Data interpretation.
 Personnel: Will personnel need to be hired to support this measurement process? Cost, timing, availability issues. Current or new.
 Improvement methods: Who will improve the measurement process over time? Engineers, production, maintenance, quality personnel? What evaluation methods will be used? Is there a system to identify needed improvements?
 Long-term stability: Assessment methods, format, frequency, and need for long-term studies. Drift, wear, contamination, operational integrity. Can this long-term error be measured, controlled, understood, predicted?
 Special considerations: Inspector attributes, physical limitations or health issues: colorblindness, vision, strength, fatigue, stamina, ergonomics.

source of Measurement System Implementations : Analysis of measurement systems

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