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Application of Gage R Study:
 Offers a preliminary determination of short-term gage repeatability only.
 May be used for screening before shipment from gage supplier.
 May be used in pre-production when part availability is minimal.
 May be used during gage development – e.g., for quickly comparing different clamping locations; comparing different methodologies.
 This method CANNOT be used for final gage acceptance without other more complete and detailed MSA methods.

 Process stability and variation cannot be known at this point in time.
 Linearity and bias are not issues.
 Reproducibility is not considered here. The purpose is to focus on gage repeatability alone.
 I/MR (Individual/Moving Range) chart will provide minimal assessment of stability.

Analyze by:
Take one part, one operator; place part in fixture, measure; take part out of fixture; repeat this 9 more times with the same part and same operator.
Plot data on I/MR chart; assess stability. If data appears unstable, perform corrective action.
If stable, calculate sigma of individuals by using either s for all readings or *2 MR d/ ; multiply by 6; divide this value by the characteristic tolerance;
multiply by 100%. Review %Repeatability against previously established gage acceptability standards, or use for comparative purposes during gage development.

source of Gage R Study: Analysis of measurement systems

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